New Library Website

New Site, New Stage of Development

The last few months have been an exciting time at TOP Library, with huge upgrades being undertaken across the board to not just improve services and make them equal with those of major universities, but make an effort to excel past the status quo and begin building something that matches the theme of the Sydney City Schools of Law and Business and the Australian Technology Park as well; to be the school that innovates and develops, as opposed to one that stagnates.

To this end, our library has invested in becoming a prominent member of the information age, beginning first with a custom-designed brand new website to act as a platform for all our brand new content. This content includes subject and course specific research and study guides, as well as a large selection of open access and subscription databases for access to tens of thousands of journals, legislation, ebooks and other documentation. Our new Google-style Primo search interface is also being rolled out, combining our content into an easy to use single-search format; access to our huge range of print and eresources at the click of a button.

These elements are complemented with a quality face-to-face educational experience, including help with research, academic writing, English language help, and exam preparation, are bringing Top Library into an exciting new phase of academic and learning support services.

Feel free to navigate and experience the new content, and feel free to give us your feedback so we can tailor the content to you.

Peter Smith, eLearning Librarian