Online Library Course

Access_TOP_LibraryComplete TOP's online Library course to:

  1. Learn more about the available library services
  2. Improve your information literacy
  3. Find out how to conduct effective research
  4. Understand how to get the most out of this website.

What's included in the course?

The course is divided into a number of units, each designed to build on knowledge acquired in the earlier ones. The units include:

  • Using the Library
  • Constructing a search - getting the results you want
  • Evaluating the information
  • Plagiarism and referencing

How to access the module

The course is accessible via Moodle. Simply log in to Moodle and on the right-hand side of the page, you will see a box titled 'Access TOP Library' (see image on the left). Click on the second image (red background) to access the course.

 Click HERE to go straight to Moodle. 


To make things easy for yourself, make sure you self-enrol in the course so that it appears in your list of 'courses' on your Moodle homepage. That way you can easily access it when needed. Instructions on how to self-enrol are available within the course.