Learning Spaces

A place to study and work on assignments is important. Sydney City School of Law and Business want to not only be places where students attend lectures and tutorials, but a place where individual and group learning is fostered and promoted. To that end, were are committed to providing quality spaces. Our library learning centre, complete with technological aids such as WiFi and computers, as well as other important assets, such as refreshments, aims to be the place where you can camp out and plow through your assignments and revision without distraction.

Plans for Improvement

We don't want to rest on our laurels though, and have plans for better spaces. If you want to be involved in the process of updating and creating an unparalleled library learning space, please give us your feedback on what you want more of at TOP Education's Library.

Opening Hours 

Learning centre opening times outside of business hours (9am-5pm) are currently being revised, and a complete timetable will be released soon.

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